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Practical use of 12ga. Rifle

My interest is loading some 730 gr.Dixie Slugs I have for a Rem. 870 pump for Alaska raft gun. Loaded to just 1200 fps. This takes only about 42-44 gr. of Blue Dot, in 20 inch barrel. And according to Dixie, equals the Paradox rifle loads of yesterday in Africa, which did the job on Elephants. But, the plastic roll crimped rounds just don't look like the brass ones I see here. I'm thinking about those Rocky Mountain 2 7/8" brass cases. Now, what would I use to crimp the Dixie slugs into those???? Will the freebore of the 3" chamber Hastings Barrel I have, work OK with shorter 2 7/8" shell? And, would the proposed Jacketed Hawk bullets work with the standard 12 ga. rifling?? As I remember, shotguns of this type are limited to about 10-11,000 psi? I'm thinking that 1000 gr. bullet might be a pressure problem, in the Remington pump. Oh, and what plastic wad cup makes good sabot for .620 Nitro Express bullets?

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