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Hey there Kelly, I don't know you really, but do know what it's like to be put down because of bad spelling/grammar. Sure, it does seem a little mean, but I have learned from experience that it is a much needed thing to hear. See when I first started coming onto gun related forums like this, I was making my posts look the same way my IMs and text messages look and also the way I would post in the teen forums I would visit. I still do talk like that in IMs and stuff like that, but I take the time to make my posts look clean and neat because the better your posts look then the more serious people are going to take you. Take this for example. Which Maser would you take more seriously:

Maser#1: sup guys im new to guns and want to get into them cuz they fun n stuff like dat and are reel kool.

Maser#2: Hey eveyone, my name's Maser and I have always shown an intrest in the shooting sport and I want to learn all the information I can learn from this site.
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