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Articles about all the training centers are getting boring also. Those articles don't give any advice or tips that were given by the instructors, but the articles are usually nothing but the author praising how great the instructor was and how well they did and how great the facilties were, but nothing that will actual teach the reader anything. Those articles are more of one big commercial than something for the reader to learn from.
I can't speak for Denny or Rich, but I wouldn't want to use a tactic that I read a paragraph about in a magazine without some real-world supervised instruction. A full article, like the press-check article, I would be willing to try if it was not something overly complicated, but I'm not going to take the Gunsite 250 class through a magazine article. For instance, the Scout Rifle article made me rethink about where I should mount my EOTech on my AR-15. Before, it was on top of the upper receiver. Now it is as far forward on the handguard as I can mount it. I'll just use the class articles to see if a class is worth attending in the opinion of the author.
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