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Question for gun writers

I am in the process of writing an article on firearms used during the "Motor Bandit"
era of outlaws. I'm liking what I have so far and know I for one would be interested in reading such a piece, so I've been giving thought to contributing it to firearms publication once completed. What I was wondering, is it general practice to include photographs with your submission, or can they be provided by the publishing staff? Not sure I want to get into going around getting permissions to use a picture.
If the article is not published I'll just post it here, as originally planned. I just put a lot of research into it and thought it may be worth a try.
I have never been published though in high school had a teacher always pushing me to submit something. This is just a one time thing, a subject I was interested in and was never satisfied with the few texts I've found on the topic. Thought it might be interesting to take all my research over the years and put it together, in an entertaining and educational artice.
Thanks for any advice.
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