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#1: Every member, when they joined, agreed to the forum rules which include not mangling the English language due to ignorance, age, sloth or intent. Kelly's beginning post isn't perfect, but is completely readable and understandable. Obviously, you are able to write above an eighth-grade level, so your posts aren't going to be deleted. I've seen the quality of your posts improve since you joined. What are you worried about?

#2: Pointing out errors in spelling, punctuation or capitalization isn't a personal attack. It should be done privately the first time out of courtesy, but if you don't take the hint, it's your own fault. So if a member takes Tony Pasley to task for never touching his shift key or using punctuation it shouldn't be a surprise, and it isn't an attack.

#3: TFL is all about raising the bar. That includes honestly evaluating yourself and striving to improve in all aspects of your life. If one is happy with a fifth-grade level of literacy, perhaps TFL isn't the right place to belong. If one speaks and writes at a fifth-grade level of literacy and strives to improve, and actually shows improvement (as I have seen from dozens, if not hundreds of members over the years) such a member will be most welcome.

#4: This thread would be better off in S,Q&T than in L&P. Better yet, if you've been contacted by someone privately, keep the conversation private.

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