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The situation you are describing is a proven association between certain stimuli and a known response. Kinda like pavlovs' dog.

Every time I go out to cut wood in the fall with the chain saw deer show up to get the leaves and foliage (where I live deer overpopulation is a big issue and they are very competitive for food). Anyway, if hunting in bear country I would assume the same as you have mentioned with gunshot then bear showing up shortly there after for dinner. I would definately carry a large bore backup pistol or leave the rifle in close proximity when field dressing the animal.

As far as a dog is concerned, in many states it is illegal to hunt with dogs for deer and other "bid game" animals so I would read the regs first and I would also want to have a very large dog (more aggresive breeds like rot, mastiff, wolf hound the better) who would at least keep the bear occupied while I could get off a shot at the bear, instead of running away and leaving just an angry bear and me to duke it out.
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