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Ringing the Dinner Bell for cats, fish, bears...

Many moons ago I did a lot of sport diving and some spear fishing...and I can remember one summer in Belize...where a bunch of us started talking about the dinner bell theory...and it made a lot of sense. Each day we'd go out on the reef and spear Groupers... and each day we'd encounter Grey Reef Sharks...and it soon became apparant...they loved to see our arrival. It was like tourists 'feeding the bears in the Smoky Mtns.' Spearing groupers...wasn't a hard task ie. we'd swim down gullies - like natural roads - cut through the reef by conchs...and into the crevices...there always seemed to be an ample supply of nice succulent Groupers - Grouper 'Hotels'.

A shark has a brain about like a rat's brain - smart but not as smart as a 'Bear'. Sharks were never a big problem - mostly just a little nusance at times and frankly it always seemed that the most pesky Grey Reef shark...was a 'young one' ie. I remember a 3-4 footer that would not 'leave' and became too excited...and you'd hate to give up a bag of fish...because in a sense...that only reenforced the shark's aggresive behavior...

Enter the Bear. With Grey Reef can expect one to have a territory ranging from a few miles to maybe less than a mile of reef...and it cruises that territory. I'm not as certain about a Brown Bear's territory - but for the sake of argument - let's just say there is a certain bear population density and that when the ol' Bear hears a gunshot...the bear takes it to be a ringing dinner bell ie. the Bear instinctively knows that there's a good chance that a big dinner has just been served ! The old bears are smart and will wait till the hunters have gone, and then make their move to pick up the remains. The young ones will likely be the more aggressive(or the hungrier more desparate one of all sizes if they are under stress...) Thus a hunter like a diver spearfishing in a sharky place - is more vulnerable to a bad encounter after the dinner bell has been rung...

So as the hunter lays down his rifle...and begins to clean/dress the deer/elk/moose...he is actually more vulnerable to a bad bear encounter than when carrying the rifle...and if he left the game to come back to it later...he/she is all the more vulnerable. So it would seem to make sense to always of course KNOW the area where you are hunting, clean/dress the game asap,
and to wear a little 454 revolver or something simular...for when you have to lay down or strap-on the rifle...

Odds are very good that a bear doesn't want to mess with you ie. I know of stories where a bear has sat across from a hunter and actually waited until the hunter left... But it makes sense to be sensative to the dinner bell situation ,especially in a year where Bears are under a lot of stresss ie. not enough berries and not enough salmon to eat... or in areas where there is a lot of hunting and the Bears have learned that dinner is being served.

Cats? Well, just leave a little cat food out for those strays you see...and pretty soon you'll have a daily wary visitor... Bears are even smarter !

Maybe the best hunting companion is a good dog ie. they can tell you when something is approaching.

I can't imagine Africa ie. 'lions and hyienas and the dinner bell - makes the ol' 375 H&H look that much better than the .308...'
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