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Too bad he didn't ban you

I'm suprised it wasn't closed sooner.

Originally Posted by ppcmaster
Was it?
For as many threads I see get locked for various reasons(just browse around), I was really suprised your thread went on as long as it did.
Here's why:
1. You bashed "plinkers" and used it to mean something totally different. Most people like to plink, so you started a thread(as a new member) to tell everyone else to stay at home unless they kept their shooting with samurai discipline.

2. Your smart-ass remarks got you nowhere. If you look around, this is a very formal MB with few arguments, flame wars, or cursing. We are very fortunate to have this luxury on the garbage-filled internet.

3. Your personal smart-ass remarks to OldBill, Hedley, Capt. Charlie, and others were uncalled for. They were defending plinkers and the joy it brings to most people. You just followed up with retorts based on assumptions of age, skill, and the ability to read your witty posts.

4. Your thread was formatted in such a maner as someone would post a response, then it would be immediately followed by a "masterfull" comment, albeit awkward(ie-your incoherent response to Charlie), by yourself. It is if you wanted to instigate a fight.

5. And the fact that you waste more bandwith making a new thread about how the TFL staff shut you down only supports the fact that you just want to ruffle feathers.

You may call yourself a master, and you very well may be on the range, but on message boards, you are known as a troll.

And the "banned" comment was a joke. Lighten up.

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