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Charlie shut me down

So what is the problem Capt. Was it getting to hot on that thread? I didn't know moron and or selfish idiot were curse words. Sorry that some of the threads that were given fit those above categories. See people just believe that they can do whatever they want whenever they want irregardless of how it effects other people especially when people are paying hard earned money, so therefore they are selfish, they are an idiot because once you tell them how their actions can and will effect everyone they can't add 1 +1 =2. Evidently some of the members and fellow shooters in this forum feel that this is OK to do at their ranges. Now wonder why we can't shake the bad press off of gun ownership and shooting. If I went to a range and or club when I started and saw things that people on this threat think and do, I might not have joined. I know a lot of people will be happy that you did shut the thread down. Oh well. I guess ignorance is bliss to them, hope they do not get hurt.
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