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Yesterday, I was at the range with some buddies. We started out at 15 yards, slowfire, to get warmed up. Well, not really slow, slowfire -- we tried to get 6 shots downrange in less than 30 seconds.

Then we moved to the 7 yard line. We yanked our guns out of the holsters as fast as we could. BANG!~ reset ~ BANG! ~ reset ~ BANG! Lotsa fun.

After awhile, we got bored with that, so we started shooting 3 targets every time we yanked the gun out of the holster. BANGBANGBANG! Was that fast enough? Dunno, I think I can go faster ... speed it up, speed it up.

Sending so much ammunition downrange, we kinda had a problem keeping the magazines full, so then we played with reloads a bunch. How fast can you reload? Let's see ... BANG! ~ RELOAD ~ BANG! Wow, cool beans. I can do it faster though, wanta see?

When we got tired of doing that, we started shooting one-handed. Draw with only one hand, then dump six shots on target as fast as you can. BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG! That was a blast. Left-handed we didn't draw, just held the gun at an angle in front of us to begin with. How fast can you dump a magazine left-hand only? BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG! Wheeeeee.

After awhile, that wasn't enough of a challenge, so we fixed things up so we could fire without being able to see real well. First we did draw and fires with that -- yank the gun up and out and fire the shot quick. Then we did multiple targets, yank the gun up and out, then hit three targets as fast as possible. BANGBANGBANG. All without being able to see real well.

Sure glad some grumpy old guy didn't come along to yell at us.

Kathy Jackson
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