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Man, am I gald I can just walk out into my yard and shoot all day and not bother another soul.

I have not spent much time in public or private ranges, but during that very short time, I've seen some crazy, careless, dangerous, and deadly practices. I don't know what a range officer is paid, but it ain't enough. I bet most are volunteers.

I'm a long way from a professional shooter/instructor, but I have been shooting since I was 6yrs old (yikes). We shooters are a brotherhood/sisterhood, a community of sorts and sometimes we need to speak up and say to the shooter in the next lane, " do you mind if I make a suggestion" or, "you seem to be having a bit of trouble, mind if i help?" and so on.

A we/they or an us/them mentality ie; "plinkers", will get us no where.
"Danger Itself Is The Best Remedy For Danger"
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