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I guess your name says it all. Hey "Sonny, I have bin doing this since before you where born, when we use to walk uphill to school both ways, bare foot in the snow." YES it is my business how you shoot when we are on the range together, thank god we do not belong to the same club. I don't want to get shot by accident when you "light" up a magazine. Next time you do this, just give me the ammo it will be better spent, than the way you shoot. Duh look how fast I can hit NOTHING. By the way I didn't grow up in the Holy church of shooting, I just took the time to learn properly and safely, unlike yourself I suppose. I kind of guess with your comments concerning holy church and high and mighty paper punchers, I guess you do not hit your target too much just the air around you. Anyway I guess you can't teach old dogs new tricks after all. Have a good day.
Once you have mastered 50yds with a pistol, everything else seems easy!
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