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Since you were so kind as to reply to my earlier thread entitled "Maryland ranges/plinking areas," and call me an idiot in the process, I thought it only fair to respond to your posting. I apologize if my posting torqued you off, but I must admit that your reply did not give me a case of the warm and fuzzies toward you, either.

Let me set the record straight. I do not fit your rather unique definition of "plinker," and it was not what I had in mind when I posed the question in my original thread. Please allow me to introduce myself to you. I have been shooting shotguns, rifles, and pistols for some 30 years. I have completed three firearms safety courses in my history, one a hunters' safety course sponsored by the MD Dept. of Natural Resources, one a handgun safety course sponsored by the MD State Police, and the last the Personal Protection course sponsored by the NRA. I have been a member of the NRA and NSSA (National Skeet Shooting Associaction). I have competitively shot registered targets with a shotgun, and even won a couple of events in my class. I have shot next to state and national champions in skeet, trap, and pistol. I have hunted waterfowl for many years. All of this has been done without accident or incident on my part. I have always had the utmost respect for the safety and condition of my fellow shooters and the area in which I am shooting.

In the field, I have seen full-body goose decoys with holes the size of my first completely through them, heads shot off, etc. all on the property of a (deceased) prominent State Senator; after that, I politely declined invitations to hunt that property again. I have seen a good old boy (from the big city) bring a dead goat to a deer checking station during rifle season, swearing (thorugh his beer goggles) that it was a deer; I have never hunted deer during rifle season as a result. Once on a skeet field, some bratty a-h missed a pair of doubles and threw his shotgun on the ground in the middle of the round; I refused to continue the round and would never shoot on the same squad with him after that. I have been at an indoor pistol range where some gang-looking types were shooting some kind of hand cannon all over the place; I alerted the range officer and left. My point is simply this: if you do not like the facility at which you are currently shooting, or the behavior of the people that shoot there, leave and find a better place to shoot instead of sounding so angry. A firing range is no place for an angry person.

While I am sure that I do not posess the range skill that you must, I can hold my own punching paper at 25 yds. with a 9mm Glock 17. I am sorry that there are some yahoos that have ruined your club. I am not, however, one of them, so I would appreciate it if you would not, knowing nothing about me, publicly insult me. I posed my question because I am looking to try out a new type of firearm, and would like to have fun, in a respectful and responsible manner, learning about it. Quite possibly, shooting at something other than paper might help me better understand the capabilities of the weapon, and thus enhance my respect for it.

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