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Thank you guys. Another story I have. I go to the range and there are a father and son shooting steel, 1st not at the proper distance and have covered 3/4 of the range with steel targets. So I politely tell them they have to move on, and the father engages me in an arguement. So when rules are not follow the member is suppose to get the liscence plate of thier car or ask for club ID. So I ask Dad to see his ID, well wouldn't you know he isn't even a member his son is but not him and he is arguing with me about rules, on the other hand the son didn't say a word, he knew I was right. So I trun to both the son and the Dad and say it was nice of you to have your Dad come today, but I guess if I see him again you will be in violation of bringing too many non-memebers to the club. Have a good day adn proceed to set my stuff up. Dad shut up in an instant. YOU DON'T EVEN BELONG HERE AND YOU ARE ARGUING WITH ME ABOUT RULES!
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