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PPCmaster, I feel for your dilema. I have not encounterred many rude people at my local range but when I lived in FL I had a fair share of stupid people on the line. Nothing was worse than being down range at the outdoor range, setting targets, and to hear the RO over the loadspeaker state firmly "DO NOT touch the weapons when the line is cold!" After instincitvely crouching (probably no help but we do it anyway) you would turn and see some moron holding an "empty" gun pointing down range at you...

Rudeness need not be condoned. Bad safety practices certainly need not be condoned. The only problem I had at my local indoor range was some guys with a high point 9mm carbine. They were firing away like Rambo at short range, not hitting much. When they aimed it was to shoot at the clothespins holding the targets on the retrieval wire. I went out to the counter and told the huy there about it. He came back a few minutes later, watched a little, and then told them to please controll their fire or leave. Problem solved.

I am against rapid fire bans. Most people like to try it once and a while, myself included. There is nothing wrong as long as you are competent and safe. It is far better for the group who notices an unsafe shooter to let the RO know than to put a rule in effect that penalizes all good shooters due to a few unsafe ones (kind of like gun laws, don't you think...)
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