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I couldn't agree more! But why does it seem that my club has so many. Another example we have 7-25yds pistol pits to shoot at 1 100yd rifle range and another 100 yd range which is universal, but only aloud to shoot at 25 or 50yds. This is the ONLY place anyone can shoot a hangun at 50yds, but what happens, everyone is there shooting steel or paper at near point blank distance and I have to then confront them ask them to move, etc, etc, etc. And they get mad at me. Oh and forget about when rifle shooters can't hit anything at 100yd so then they want to shoot at fifty yards right next to you. Don't you love when you are shooting your handgun and the person next to you is shooting his 300 WinMag. Wow that is fun also. Again confront and please move along. What is so hard about this?
Once you have mastered 50yds with a pistol, everything else seems easy!
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