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Definition of PLINKER:

A person who belongs to a gun club, joined orginally to either get a gun or was very interested in the sport of shooting. After 6 months leaves and never comes back. Or continues to be a member that only comes to the range now, when they have nothing better to do, it's raining out today, wants to impress a friend or someone of the opposite sex, shoots his mouth off more than his firearm (go to the club house instead of yelling at each other on the range about what your dog did yesterday), is an expert in everything gun related and believes he is in charge of the range. Doesn't listen to anyone at the range, shoots unathourized targets, shoots as fast as possible without hitting the target even once at 7yds. Thinks gunfire is the coolest sound to man kind, trys to beat his time at empyting his magazine as fast as possible, thinks he is in the Matrix movie and hopefully will eventually resign from the club, hurt someone or forget to renew membership.
Once you have mastered 50yds with a pistol, everything else seems easy!
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