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Hey Musketter,
Very good response. I try not to be a range Nazi. Funny story. I am at the range as usual and a couple comes in also, never seen them before, but find out they have been members for a few years (maybe come to the range once a year). They set-up in the port right next to me, I have my shooting box on the ground inches from my body. I shoot a string of fire and dump the empties into my shooting box, but I can't, why you ask, because this stupid woman has put her purse in my shooting box, why did she do that you ask, I didn't want to get my purse dirty. It took all the strenght in my body to stop myself from putting her purse in the garbage. I turn around to go to my shooting bag on the table behind me. (this is specifically what the table is for) and see her fat husband/boyfriend using my shooting bag as an arm support. I ask him if that bag is his, he says no, I say get you fat f___ arm off my bag. This is like a monthly thing I have to go through and I am SICK off it
7yd and 15yd shooting if fine with me I shoot 15yd as part of my practice, I also do not have a problem with people who are trying, I try to help them my self, but the others who seem not to care or when you ask if they need help and give you a dirty look, they need to stay home and I will refund their memebership. Or the guys who are shooting steel, you bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang very fast and then you hear the ding of the steel, what's the point.
Once you have mastered 50yds with a pistol, everything else seems easy!
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