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PPCMaster, your name says it all. You have some good points and some bad ones.

Not everybody wishes to shoot their 38 spcl K frame slowfire at 25 yards. What is more you could have a person shoot that weapon and course of fire and still be completely unsafe in how they are handling the weapon. Your ne no 7 or 15 yard shooting will do nothing to prevent that.

At the same time far more defensive shootings occur 7 yards than at 25. Practicing at that range is entirely reasonable if personal defense is what one is concerned with. Rapid fire at that range is also reasonable. I will rip off two fast ones and one to the head at that range often, many times from the holster. I do not believe I am being unsafe but shooting.

We have all seen people at the range whose safety skills were lacking. Rather than implementing a stupid rule though I suggest the range master actually speak to them. That person who is not handling a gun safely can kill you just as quick if his target is at 25 yards as at 7 yards.

Living on Long Island I see some stupid range rules. An outdoor rifle range has a rule that all shooting must be from the bench, no exceptions. There are rules requiring only politically correct (bullseye) targets only, and other such hogwash. Your range with its no 7 yard shooting is no on the path to such stupidity.

My advice is educate the unsafe shooter instead of becoming a range nazi to all the people present who may have a perfectly good reason for shooting at 7 yards (such as they WANT to).
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