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Last week my gun club issued new rules for our indoor range, specifically NO SHOOTING at 7 or 15yds. Because the range has been shot up, the walls and ceiling. I know some did this by accident and most did this on purpose.
I know what you're talking about.

How freaking hard is it to keep your rounds at least ON PAPER at 20 feet? So they at least hit THE BACKSTOP (a.k.a. "The Broad Side of the Barn") at 25 yards at the back of the range?

I see absolute idiots with whatever semiauto handgun... doesn't matter the brand... Beretta, Glock, Sig, some 1911... dumping rounds down range at 2-3 shots PER SECOND and missing paper entirely.

I don't think I've ever completely MISSED PAPER, even at 100 yards. Good God, the target is 2 feet across and 3 feet wide, and you can't hit it at 20 feet?!? Put the [email protected] gun down (now!) and get some instruction (immediately), at least from the range master on duty if nothing else.

A slouch should be able to put all shots from a semiauto handgun into at least a 6 inch circle at 20 feet, at 1 shot every 2 seconds. 2-3 rounds per second should at least stay inside of a 1 foot circle, or else you need to SLOW YOUR RATE OF FIRE. YOU ARE NOT MEL GIBSON, JACK BAUER OR DANNY GLOVER.
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