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Plinkers Go Home And Stay There!

Hello everyone,
I am sorry to start this thread, but I was reading another earlier which made me mad. Respond to this however you want.
I can no longer stand PLINKERS!!!!! To me they are the bad apples of shooting community and unfortunately the largest group of shooter in the world. The reason I can longer stand them is this: Last week my gun club issued new rules for our indoor range, specifically NO SHOOTING at 7 or 15yds. Because the range has been shot up, the walls and ceiling. I know some did this by accident and most did this on purpose. I am SICK of them! I have seen these plinkers almost shoot people, have accidental discharges, drop guns, etc. Not to mention " Hey John let's see how fast I can shoot this magazine, DUH. These people are in my opinion are DANGEROUS and should be removed form the range. If you want to own a gun, thats great I am all for that, but have someone teach you how to use properly. Remember a firearm is not a toy like most plinkers think they are. Most likely you bought a gun for home or self protection sounds good to me, but to some training, get involved with a type of group or organization to learn more from, just don't be this typical idiot who goes to the range to see how his guns sounds, "wow that's cool man huh huh. BAcially go out and get involved in some form of shooting, before you hurt someone.
Once you have mastered 50yds with a pistol, everything else seems easy!
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