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Maybe this is crazy but ...

I've been taking my kids to the range shooting 22, but my 5 year old is small for his age and can't put the butt of the rifle in his shoulder. His arms are too short and he could never reach the trigger. So he puts it under his arm and blazes away. He's having fun and I'm with him, but I wanted him to be able to hold the rifle more correctly.

So after talking about it with some of the guys at work, I bought an old Winchester model 190 cheap at a gunshow to cut down him. I bought a model 190 over 33 years ago with money from my paper route, so I know it's a great rifle.

So far I've cut about 6 inches off the stock and made a new butt plate. Fine, now he can put the butt in his shoulder and reach the trigger. But the rifle is too heavy for him to hold up.

So I'm thinking I'd like to go further. Minimum legal length for a rifle is 26 inches, so I can cut another 5 or 6 inches off the rifle and still be legal. Problem is I would need to cut those inches off the barrel.

No problem. I can do that, and make it all smooth and pretty. I can even re-blue it when the cutting and filing is done. But there's that darn permanently attached magazine hanger.

Does anyone have any experience removing and replacing that hanger? Is it silver soldered? Welded on? Pressed in? Shortening the tubular magazine will be a piece of cake after that.

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