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Idaho looks good

I also forgot to mention winter sports.I have always wanted to get into snow boarding.Our climate is changing here in MO.We have not had a proper winter in 2 years.I spent some time in Jackson Hole and would also consider that as an option.I would also like to live near other conservative people.Here we have a lot of lybs and even more democrats of the rebel flag persuasion.I spent two months in Salida CO.It was an amazing place surrounded by the 14ners.Thats right a range made up of some 6-8 mountains all over 14,000 feet,but from what I understand the town was founded by hippies back in the 60s.They were not aggressive like the modern libs but it was hard to find a good meal that wasn't vegetarian Pizza or some damn kinda fish taco.I actually found a little place that would serve me a stake and they put fruit on the plate next it and put Cinnamon in my Iced tea.But it was fun living there as the odd ball in my camo jacket and hunting boots.Lots of UFOs too.
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