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I'll just note that it is quite easy to use words to demonize someone. For example, the subject line of this thread uses the phrase "illegally killing", when in fact he's not charged with illegally killing anything; he's charged with mislabeling a kill as wild when it was not. And as I mentioned, the words "pen" and "tame" can have wildly differing definitions to different people. To some people, a pen may be a 20 acre high fence enclosure with lots of trees; who knows. He's probably a real dipstick who deserves everything he gets in all likelihood, so I'm not defending him, just pointing out things...

Maybe he can open for the "Ditsy Twits" in their vacant arena tour
Bwaahahaa. They did have to cancel events in Houston, and I think Kansas City, and one other place, due to low ticket sales. But I still like their music. And NOW, I tend to agree with their political views (I didn't at the time they said them - they just happen to be more insightful than me). Still, they made their bed (by opening their mouths), and so now they lie in it, for better or worse. I'll still buy their CD though - love that real country & bluegrassy sound - far better than most of the utter crap that's heard on so-called "country & western" stations nowadays.
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