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There is a lefty 1903 on right now that you could get for probably $750. Auction ends tomorrow...

If anyone thinks they would be getting a "deal" by spending $150 less on a vastly inferior piece of machinery, go right ahead. Just be prepared for frustration.

I have a remington "matchmaster" that will put 5 shots into 3/8ths of an inch at 50yds, but that does not mean it is suitable for competition.

I can not understate the importance of being on a level playing field with your competitors in a smallbore match. If you were in a NASCAR race, what do you think your chances would be if you were driving a minivan or even a street-legal hot-rod? This is the same sort of situation and EVERYONE will have an Anschutz.

A used 1903 can be had for less than $1K, and probably for less than $750 if you look long and hard and are willing to put up with a scratched stock or other cosmetic issues.

And it WILL shoot 10 shots into a 23/100in hole from a bench rest.

Anyone who is advocating something less than this minimal standard has never shot a smallbore match. Heck, they are probaly the guys you see standing around drinking coffee before their pistol matches making fun of the guy with the Hammereli.

"Look at that fancy thing har har... my daddy's Colt Woodsman is all I need"

Those people do not win matches.
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