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I hate to say it, but

I'm getting bored with SWAT magazine myself. There are still a few good articles, but to me many of the articles give me the feeling that the authors are writing with a more of their own personal and political opinions rather than writing with full blown facts and that they don't give into consideration that not all societies and geographical regions are the same and that their opinions of tactics that work out in the jungle or out in the desert doesn't work for the civilian in the city.
To me SWAT was a magazine about self-defense, weapons and tactics used by special teams and forces and also for the regular guy who wanted to get some ideas about self-defense and now I'm reading about some South American native's knives and blowguns which has nothing to do with the regular guy or police and military forces.
Articles about all the training centers are getting boring also. Those articles don't give any advice or tips that were given by the instructors, but the articles are usually nothing but the author praising how great the instructor was and how well they did and how great the facilties were, but nothing that will actual teach the reader anything. Those articles are more of one big commercial than something for the reader to learn from.
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