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Death from Afar, having dealt with a BAR personally I can say firing in Full Automatic it is very controllable not sure which one you fired but the one I fired was very controllable. Other BAR gunners I talked to from the old school USMC have told me they would sooner take a BAR than a M-14 for the simple reason that in auto mode you can control it
the m14 was a total failure in auto-mode because of it's too light's soldiers are so bogged down in weight with armor, maybe they need ultra light weapons so they can stand up...GRUNT
Dad, a former marine '64-'67 just said the same thing to me earlier today when we were talking about the BAR and the M-14. He trained with the M-14 and as a fully auto rifle it was VERY hard to control and very few men could manage it. Fortunately, back then, only one out of every 4 men in the squad had full auto....but the BAR would have been a much better choice for fire and suppress tactics.
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