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not even a close call

As was mentioned, the BAR was the squads auto rifle. This is accomplished today by the M249. A quick look at comparisons:
With bipod and tools: 15.16 pounds (6.88 kilograms)
200-round box magazine: 6.92 pounds (3.14 kilograms)
Maximum effective range: 3281 feet (1000 meters) for an area target
Maximum range: 2.23 miles (3.6 kilometers)
Rates of fire:
Cyclic: 725 rounds per minute
Sustained: 85 rounds per minute

Capacity 20-round detachable box magazine
Weight 8.33 kg (18.5 lbs)
Overall length 119.4 cm (47 in.)
Rate of fire 550 rounds per minute
Effective range 550m (600 yds)

Bottom line, the SAW delivers 175 more rounds p/min, at approx a 400 yd longer distance, and weighs 3 lbs. less. Plus a SAW gunner may carry 3-4 200 rnd boxes, and the A-gunner even more. VERY easy to field strip (also takes down very much like the M240 series). What the M249 lacks in caliber it makes up in volume of fire. NO COMPARISON
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