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Cubby Bearenstine KIA in redneck prison camp 2006
I will say, that like WBB, I want to wait and find out more facts before "convicting him". It is certainly not past the gov't DA to exaggerate the facts - it's possible (we don't know), that what they are calling a pen is actually a high-fenced much larger area, and what they are calling a "tame" bear is actually a wild bear, who is alleged to be "tame" because it was born in "captivity" inside the confines of this fenced area (which again, might be quite large - I'd like to know the exact size of this so-called 'pen'), by parent bears who were caught completely wild in their generation. Not likely, but this is possible - I'll just reserve final judgment.

But if the facts are as alleged, this knucklehead deserves what is coming to him, assuming that he broke the letter of the Minn. wildlife laws, on the mislabeling charge. If he didn't, then he's only guilty of being a very very sorry excuse for a 'hunter'.

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