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I agree Art,

You never know about some of these stories, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, until their convicted. I will say, if they are truley guilty, they should both have to serve the maximum. This is probably the second stupidest thing I ever heard of for a hunter. The first being the two guys from Oklahoma, that shot the breeder Elk in New Mexico, that belonged to a game ranch. They shot him with a bow, through a cyclone fence, climbed the fence and cut off the head, then brought it back to Oklahoma, and bragged about the nice elk they shot to a game ranger. Ranger had heard about New Mexico elk that had been shot, and when he checked it out, realized that the guys were the ones who shot the elk. Last I heard, they were in some pretty deep hockey.

Wonder what makes people do such DUMB crap? It just makes all hunters look bad to people who don't hunt.
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