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There is a time and place for no knock entries. Such as a known drug house where the inhabitants have a hitstory of criminal violence and are known to posess weapons and wouldnt be hestitant about using them. I have no problem with that. Hostage situations, locations that have a history of violent activities where deadly force has been used.

I do have a problem with a no knock where the folks have not had so much as a jaywalking ticket and the evidence is based on a few marijuana seeds. Where possesion of marijuana by an individual is a misdemeanor. If I was judge and somebody came to me I would want to see evidence that they were distributing marijuana or other drugs from the house. I would want some proof that they were selling mass qunatities of marijuana. If you couldnt prove that they were then my warrant would say that the police had damn well better knock on the door when they serve the warrant.

How hard can it be to stake out a house and watch it for a period of time? Do some homework instead of the word of an informant who may be unreliable.
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