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Wow, go away for a couple days, and this happens.

I will state that, as a police officer, I am as skeptical as anyone as to the truthfulness of the story. I am sure the lawyer is grandstanding, gathering sympathy from the upcoming jury pool. Thats his job, and if he were my attorney, I would expect nothing less.

However, the point remains that if the no-knock had no been performed, chances are everyone would still be alive.

No-knocks have their place, but it is a VERY limited place, and one misdemeanor arrest is not that place, not by a long shot.

These types of incidents make me sick. They make me want to get out of the profession all together. My brothers too often forget that we, as peace officers, are sworn to uphold the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. All of them, not just the ones that the USSC and the Police Administration deem valid this week.

We, as guardians of the weak, are tasked to protect the citizenry. ALL of them. We are not judge, jury, nor executioner. We owe those we suspect of a crime the same protection as those who the alleged crime was perpetrated against.

Too many times, I hear that "it is not the individual officers' fault." You know what, it is the individual officers' fault. Every single officer in that long chain of events agreed to do this, to violate some facet of the Bill of Rights, and each and every officer is guilty of that, from the brass that signed off on it, to the guy with the door ram. Each of them has the blood of that lady, however guilty or innocent she might have been, on their hands.

We also must remember that , while the officers were not indicted, this does not mean they were innocent. Its simply means that there was not enough evidence to prove otherwise. When the only people in the crime scene are cops, its easy to make cops look like they are in the right. Ther is a LARGE chasm between "Not Guilty" and "Innocent."
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