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I, for one, don't support no-knocks. Most of them are sheer self-indulgence, and I suspect often not on the part of the workin' LEOs that have to beat down the door. In nearly every instance, there are slower, less exciting ways to accomplish the same goal. Ways a lot less likely to get headlines and coverage on the evening news.

Nevertheless, blame must be shared by the guys and occasional gal making dynamic entries. It doesn't wash to say "They're only following orders," not when those orders are in violation of the Constitution and contrary to morality. In each individual instance of a no-knock, the people who are in a position to ask, "Gee, boss, couldn't we just stake 'em out and take them down in daylight, outdoors?" or even to say "Nope, I'm not kicking down that door," are officers of the law.

Look at the instance under discussion: a woman was killed over a couple of misdemeanor arrests. Might as well have been jaywalking or running away from an officer who'd Terry-stopped her,* instead of being a part of the idiotic War On Some Drugs. There's no reason for anyone to die over this sort of penny-ante nonsense. No private citizen, no policeman, nobody.

Everyone involved -- that includes us jabbering onlookers -- needs to stand up and say Enough!

But I'm not holding my breath. There's always going to be a little weasel murmuring, "But those people weren't good. Not like me. Better them than me." As long as we remain silent, our future is in the hands of the people whose motto is, "Do it to Julia," just like Orwell's protagonist.

Maybe he got the image wrong -- maybe the future is a boot kicking in the front door of our homes, forever.

* At least it was a misdemeanor the time I did it. YMMV.
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