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Rich, the Branch Davidians didn't surrender, remember? They didn't say, we're all coming out with our hands up, so don't shoot, did they?

You make a good point yourself, but I believe you are in error in attempting to invalidate my point, that there is at least one thing which can be attempted, which MAY work, if you find yourself in a situation where you mistakenly defend yourself from real actual LEOs, not knowing they are LEOs, then discovering so and "surrendering" to their authority and bogus charge of murder, so that you can have your day in court and present your defense of self-defense. No, you certainly shouldn't HAVE to do anything of the sort, but the fact remains that there is something one CAN do (in addition to voting and trying to change the current system), if one chooses to expend the time and money to do so, and that is have better than average door locks and other defenses.
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