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joab, you make great points regarding the need to view information sources with a skeptic's eye, as the truth most often lies somewhere in the middle.

This seems to be your point (in its most basic form) through out this thread - or at least that's what I take away from your comments.

I wouldn't agree that everything in the article must be fact simply because it's in the article - especially given the source of the information.

Even under this deduction, in my opinion it is righteous to immediately attack the Baltimore Police due to their use of a no-knock policy - a policy that insurmountably increased the probability of death or great bodily harm on both sides - good guys and suspected bad guys..

Now if we need to be particular and relate that sentiment to the article; all of this avoidable danger and death was - it appears - over a small bag of weed probably kept for personal consumption. This resulted in an unnecessary death, and an arrest of less than principal proportions (given the price paid by both the family and the department), whereby the criminal in this case (husband) was released on his own recognizance - to go mourn the death of his wife no less.
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