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Didn't mean to lump you into anything Don, I just happened on all the links at the same time

Wherever she was pointing the gun is irrelevant.
I bet it's going to be irrelevant to a lot of people here, now..

Where have I said or implied that anybody deserved anything? No damn where, Throughout this entire pile on Joab tirade I have maintained one point. Simply that there is not enough information to assume that anyone deserved anything.

Apparently some here are either offended that I have the audacity not to trust the family and their trial lawyer or they simply cannot comprehend the fact that there is absolutely no evidence and/or facts presented in that stupid little article.
So tell me, is that justice? Is that something you are proud to envision? Would you be here saying that I 'had it coming', that 'accidents don't happen, he must have been guilty as hell', or that 'a small percentage is a small price to pay for some of our superior class to remain safe'? And if you wouldn't cheer my death, why in the hell would you approve of what happened to this woman?
Pretty speech but what does that have to do with my unwavered position throughout this discussion?
They were charged with misdemeanor possession and released on thier own recognizance.
That has been covered before Eghad.
Nobody is blaming the police as a whole
Perhaps you should read the first five or so posts. The ones that I initially responded to. You will see my entire stand on this issue.
All other posts have been made as a direct response to attacks made against that opinion.
(Except for Don's, which was a request that I verify info that I posted. Which I should have done in the first place)

It is beyond my comprehension why a group of supposedly intelligent people would react so to a call for more info than a one sided clearly biased report .

Some people have agendas, I understand that, some are juvenile and petty I can accept that.
But others who I would expect to demand journalistic integrity and others who have made completely opposite comments regarding similar events in the past I don't get

Trip20 made a comment a little earlier
This article should have brought on discussion of a disturbing police policy. Instead, it's been a circle of useless arguments over irrelevant particulars.
In a way he is right but then he is also wrong.
The conversation had steered in that direction and I stayed out of it while it did.
I was dragged back in by an agenda driven snipe attack which resulted in a pile on by the usual players, with the addition of one more, who refuse to read my initial comment and refuse to accept that I have one agenda here, and that is to point out a rush to blame the cops based on one article favoring the family and their trial lawyer.
That's when the circle of uselessness, word twisting and agenda started

And I missed this comment by rangermonroe earlier
Especially when we have taken a single news story, and picked it apart to molecular levels.
If you reduce a -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- to molecular level all you have is -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- molecules, that has been my position all along.

Now everybody can address that issue, accept that that is my issue, address the comments that I have actually made in the context that they were made without some glorified speeches about anyone deserving death, or simply let it pass.
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