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Do you at least admit the woman is dead? I don't see how anybody can explain that away.

Yep, she was shot three times is how I would explain it

But seriously John, I've got no dog in this fight. I'm not against no knock warrants, I believe they have their place. I won't get into a pi$$ing contest about if one should have been used or not in this instance. I'm not against, people defending their homes, bodies or even their property or that of other people, and when you have both of those sometimes they are going to clash. It's a chance I'm personally willing to take. No cops have busted into my house in the last 39 years or the houses of anyone I have ever known. The only time I hear about it is on the internet or the nightly news and there is always a side story that isn't told. No matter what my personal belief about this case is it doesn't matter. I don't live in Baltimore, I won't be a member of the jury, and no one's lawyer in Baltimore is going to call me and ask my opinion.
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