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And the link that DonR101395 asked me for earlier
Baltimore County, Maryland police descend on a home in the Dundalk neighborhood at around 5 a.m. on a narcotics warrant. They deploy a flashbang grenade, then quickly subdue the first-floor occupants -- a man and two young adults.
Doesn't say that the man was the husband but there were no other men mentioned in the article so draw your own conclusions
Whoooaahh, hold up sailor, I am in the same camp as you on this. I stayed out of it the past couple of days because I figured my brain cells would be better used pounding my head into the wall rather try to continue arguing that it was a one sided article written from the side the press wanted you to see. I don't care who did what to who or how they did it unless, I know who all the charactors are, why they did it and I want all three sides of the story.
After watching this play out for the past few days grand dad was right, there's three sides to every story and only one of them is the truth.
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