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Wherever she was pointing the gun is irrelevant.

If someone breaks into my house, I will probably be training a gun on my bedroom door.

Would you deny her the same security? Would you say that she deserved to die for that choice? Would you say that I deserve to die should that situation happen to me?

There are no drugs in my house. I have no involvements in any criminal activities and no aquaintances or relatives with any of the same. If someone breaks into my house screaming 'POLICE!' or 'FBI!' or whatever combination of contradictory yells a dynamic entry usually has, I'm not going to assume that the goddamn infinitesimal chance of a mistaken address for a raid has happened. I'm going to be sure that it is a group of criminals exploiting dynamic entries in order to minimize their risk and achieve total compliance and submission.

And Joab, if it is indeed the local SWAT team, do I deserve a death sentence to be summarily handed down from the hands of the master you seem to worship so much, judge, jury, and executioner shooting me down in his infinite wisdom so that he can go home that night, donchaknow? It's a losing proposition. No matter what, whether I don't shoot or do, I will die. If I manage to take cover and kill the first intruders, the following ones will still shoot me, if they are law enforcement. You are not allowed to get away with shooting a brother officer in that sort of situation. I would not be able to surrender fast enough. If they are not law enforcement and the chances of them actually being agents would be so small as to be insignificant seeing as I am not a criminal and I surrender, I can look forward to watching my family being raped and killed. Surrender is not an option. Submission is not an option.

Even if I did live through a genuine SWAT raid, I would be put on death row if even one of them died. Even if they completely screwed it up from start to finish and hit the exact opposite address from where they should have been, I will be painted as someone who should die for defending myself and in the process ending lives, at least the kind that seem to be more special than the other garden variety lives. The thin blue wall will stand firm to ensure that it will be that way.

So tell me, is that justice? Is that something you are proud to envision? Would you be here saying that I 'had it coming', that 'accidents don't happen, he must have been guilty as hell', or that 'a small percentage is a small price to pay for some of our superior class to remain safe'? And if you wouldn't cheer my death, why in the hell would you approve of what happened to this woman?
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