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You clearly HAVE come to judgement
And that would be what?
If not you'd have had no dog in this fight and thus you wouldn't still be going at it. Just the way it works, sorry.
Wrong again sparky.
It has been implied that I am a hypocrite and I believe that it has been implied that I am a liar. It has been stated that I am evasive and disingenuous. That's my dog

I was holding those links waiting for someone to call me out on the pointing gun statement (then I lost them again)

But now tell me what are you going to do

You have two conflicting facts written about the same event.
Was she sleeping or wasn't she

Was the husband upstairs or down?
If down why?
Going to work maybe?
Waiting on a buyer?
Would that be a reason for a early morning raid?
Or is this account the false one?
Why were all three of the other occupants in possession of drugs?
What is a small amount?,
Could it be just less than felony weight?
What would that be times three, distribution wright perhaps?
Or maybe it was just seeds ?
Or maybe they didn't have any drugs at all?

It just boggles the damn mind now don't it
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