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Did a little googling, now it's a fact
When they made their way to the second floor, and into Noel's bedroom, they found her in bed, pointing a handgun back at them.
More "fact"
When they opened the door, the officers allegedly were met by Cheryl Noel, 44, who was pointing a handgun at them, Vinson said.

And the link that DonR101395 asked me for earlier
Baltimore County, Maryland police descend on a home in the Dundalk neighborhood at around 5 a.m. on a narcotics warrant. They deploy a flashbang grenade, then quickly subdue the first-floor occupants -- a man and two young adults.
Doesn't say that the man was the husband but there were no other men mentioned in the article so draw your own conclusions

And from the same link, more "fact"
When officers enter the second-floor bedroom of Cheryl Llynn Noel, they break open the door to find the middle-aged woman in her bed, frightened, and pointing a handgun at them. One officer fires three times. Noel dies at the scene.
But the family and their trial lawyer said that it was pointed at the ground.

What are some of ya'll going to do two seperate and conflicting "facts" about the same event.
Would this be a version of an Epimenides paradox
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