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Whatever "attacking" I have done has been strictly aimed at your arguments, and unlike you, I have not resorted to petty snipes and very-thinly veiled insults of your intelligence.
It's funny how you claim people rush to judgment to condemn the cops, and then you make "factual" statements that at this point have not been proved true or false.
So, Joab, since you seem to have been there when it all went down, and feel at liberty to change the story of how it proceeded, why don't you just write a letter to the DA in Baltimore and tell him that you will come in and meet with him to tell him what really happened?
Gee, joab, you don't think that the entry and/or exit points for the first two shots might be somewhat different from that of the third shot, alleged to have been fired once she had collapsed to the floor?
Debating this with you is maddening, because you are evasive and disingenuous in the way you conduct yourself.
you come here with the single intent to prove me a hypocrite and then whine when I "insult" you. Here's a thought don't come looking for a fight and then cry when you get one.

The fact that they stand to become rich means they must be lying, right, joab?
If you think that questioning the validity of their story to support the opinion that their story is not sufficient evidence to support a call for LEO blood is hypocritical then you are too single minded to see past your mission.
joab, why didn't you address my actual question??
I did repeatedly
Debating this with you is maddening, because you are evasive and disingenuous in the way you conduct yourself
Debating anything with you is maddening because you have one goal in mind
Frankly I'm very surprised you haven't earned yourself a ban here.

Pretty disappointed, too.
As you have tried and been disappointed before, grow up
It would be one thing if someone were to pick up your torch and carry it for you, making the same arguments but without the ad hominems. Sure, the forum might lose something if you were to go bye-bye, but I don't think we'd really lack for stuff to discuss and debate. It would just be that much less acrimonious is all.
I'm not even hardly sure what the hell that means.

If you read any of my posts at all you will find that I think most people are full of crap. And most accounts of events given by one party or the other are basically lies until proved true and even then are still laced with lies or at least misrepresentations, take your posts for instance.
As I have said, but you did not bother to read because it does not fit your agenda, I would have reacted the same way if this was a LEO story that everyone was slurping up as gospel.
You will also notice that all but my first post have been in response to posts directed at me, if I am maddening to you hit the ignore button.

I stand by my original point
This one sided article based on quotes by the family and their trial lawyer is not sufficient evidence for the cop bashing that started here. The validity of the story is questionable due to the witnesses that the reporter chose to highlight.
I have stood by that point throughout the attempts to paint me as a goose stepping hypocritical sheep

I have no more respect for those that think that this article presents any facts than they do for me.

Now AzureFly
Since you lack the maturity to ignore me, I'll do it for you.
I will miss your feeble attempts at my character assassination though
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