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azurefly: "You stated that the woman was pointing a gun at the police. Has that been established by an unimpeachable, irrefutable

joab: "Let's see the lawyer for the family says that she had a gun no one involved with the case has at any time denied or disputed that she was in possession of a gun at the time if the incident. Is that irrefutable an unimpeachable enough for you?
If you want split frog hairs about the definition of "pointed at" go somewhere else."
joab, why didn't you address my actual question??

I asked you specifically about how it has been supposedly established as "fact" that the woman pointed her gun at the cop, and you brought up the fact that everyone agrees she "was in possession of a gun at the time of the incident." What does that have to do with the price of 9mm Parabellum in China?

Let's see, Joab. You originally wrote the following: "No, the family had already been secured downstairs before the officers went upstairs to find the woman alone in her room pointing a gun at them."

Then you tell me I'm splitting hairs when I bring up the subject that so far, the only source claiming she pointed a gun at the COPS is YOU?

What other source has established this as fact? Were any shots fired from the woman's gun? Was there videotape of the action that took place in that room?

Debating this with you is maddening, because you are evasive and disingenuous in the way you conduct yourself.

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