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This article should have brought on discussion of a disturbing police policy. Instead, it's been a circle of useless arguments over irrelevant particulars.

Someone tried to outline the issue, and get the discussion on track very early in the thread:

Respectfully, the ISSUE, sir, is the fact that a mother is dead; shot to death in her own bedroom in the middle of the night by agents of the government sworn to protect and serve. And what were the fruits of the raid? One Mis-D, released on recognizance, drug bust.

Now THAT is a subject for which we have enough info to properly discuss, analyze and come to conclusion.

Too many, in the public and even on this board, encourage these types of raids by dismissing lost lives, such as Cheryl Noel's, under the guise of "Well, she must have done something wrong". Just how low do we want to drop the bar to warrant a summary sentence of DEATH?
Bolding mine.

Why has this not been the topic of discussion?

By the way, if we were required to wait for every single fact to surface before forming opinions, there would be no discussion on discussion boards, or anywhere else for that matter.

There is nothing wrong with forming opinions based on the information currently available. If we didn’t, there would be no gut-feelings, first impressions, or any other preliminary/cursory assessment.

The problem comes when people are unable (or unwilling) to change their opinion when NEW information surfaces that would cause the reasonable mind to question it's original position.

By debating with this in mind, we should be able to skip the insolence and discuss the real issue – a dangerous police policy.

Frankly I'm very surprised you haven't earned yourself a ban here.

Pretty disappointed, too.

It would be one thing if someone were to pick up your torch and carry it for you, making the same arguments but without the ad hominems. Sure, the forum might lose something if you were to go bye-bye, but I don't think we'd really lack for stuff to discuss and debate. It would just be that much less acrimonious is all.
You have an ignore list; use it. I'm sure there are people that wouldn't mind seeing you go (and me too for that matter) - and I'd also remind them of their ignore list feature. Trust me, I've had my differences with joab in the past, but I hardly think his participation in this thread warrants a ban, or even a slight reprimand.
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