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Come on Rich, I asked you a series of questions a few posts back you responded to none.
Yet you haven't responded to a single question I've asked; preferring to respond with broad generalizations of how the rest of us "bully" you and general sidesteps of the REAL issues on the floor.
I made one reference to bullying and it was directed at you not to some "us". Ease up on the generalizations yourself there.

I'll play your little game since you refuse to accept the validity of my point

Q: Do we know what led the police to believe that were drugs in the house
A: You would if you bothered to do a little research beyond the words of the family and their trial lawyer

Q: Do we know where the perp (victim) was at the time of the shooting
A: No, but her family and their trial say she was asleep so it must be true

Q: Do we know where the husband was
A: No but someone suggested that he may have been flushing evidence

Q: Do we know if there was an investigation into the events
A: Yes the cops were cleared of wrong doing, But the findings of the clearly biased state do not hold weight against the clearly unbiased words of THE FAMILY AND THEIR TRIAL LAWYER see I can do that too who stand to be very rich if things go their way

Q: Do we know the police account of the raid
A: No because unlike the family and their trial lawyer they have chosen not to take the case to the court of public opinion this time, or possibly just because the family and the trial lawyer did not feel like using their fifteen minutes to give that info out.
Or possibly just because no one here has found it yet
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