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joab, had I fully understood your attitude earlier, I would not have repeatedly responded to your posts with suggestions that the criminal justice system might be anything other than perfect and infallible.
If you had read my initial post it should have been clear exactly where I stand in this discussion.
Notice the cutesy way I highlight all the witnesses and how I end it with a condemnation of rushing to judgment based on the version of events presented only by the family and their trial lawyer
So much indisputable evidence from so many unimpeachable witnesses, how could the cops be anything but guilty.
If that is not enough you should notice the incessant use of the term "the family and their trial lawyer"

Nowhere have I presented judgment of guilt or innocence of either party based on the facts of the case, because there just isn't any, no matter how hard some try to say that there is. There is merely supposition based a missing evidence, namely a police response.
Some consider that to be the tie that binds the argument together, I simply consider that to be the missing link needed to prove the theory

If I'm not mistaken gc70 weren't you one of my most vocal opponents on the copshooting thread?
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