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Rich Lucibella
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Now you think you can bully me into a peripheral argument?
I've attempted to "bully" you into nothing, Joab....and it's you that continues with peripheral arguments:
- "Well, where was her gun pointed?"
- "Well, just because there were no charges doesn't mean she was innocent of anything."
- "Well, OK then, let's kill all the cops at the annual picnic."

Yet you haven't responded to a single FACT that has been offered; preferring to respond with broad generalizations of how the rest of us "bully" you; preferring a cadenced sidestep of the REAL issues on the floor.

We'll come together on another topic and agree wholeheartedly, I'm sure. But for this one? You're dismissed now. You refuse to talk FACTS and continue to defend a position that became indefensible a half dozen posts ago. Simply....for what? (Don't answer that.....I'm already frightened enough. )
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