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I mean, the police are not disputing they they did NOT knock or announce, are they?
They are disputing the fact that did not announce their presence once inside the house and before they proceeded upstairs. But you won't find that in this article so it is immaterial to the investigation

Can't go that way, Brother.
Sorry didn't realize that the word injecting thing was your sole territory
Maybe I should have done a little sarcastic emoticon for you after I asked if I fit in here now like that
What you CAN do is respond to the facts as you know them or continue to back-peddle. On this one, I now give you no quarter.
I need no quarter, where have I deviated from my original point?

Now you think you can bully me into a peripheral argument? Just because I don't automatically jump on the side of the state hater doesn't mean that I am sheeple
I have made my point and stick with it. You choose to minimize it with some happy horse pucky about valuing unswerving family protection, apparently as the basis for all the juvenile cop bashing based on a single one sided article quoting the family and their trial lawyer
My history, words and works speak for themselves.
If this argument was written as one sided in favor of the cops and generated as much LEO chest thumping I would be just as adamant on the side of not judging the "perps" on the basis of one article written by the police chief.
My history and my words on this forum and others speak for themselves. As a matter of fact I believe it was you or moderator here that implied that I was a cop basher not all that long ago.
And I took as much heat for siding with a homeowner that shot a couple of cops on his back porch, but that was after all the evidence available was presented.
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