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OK, Joab-
Let's start over...... nobody called you a Communist sympathizer. I simply alluded to the fact that public statements like yours were the bread and butter of the control exercised by people like Joe Stalin. You can like it or dislike it; or you can refute it with a bit less "wiggle" than you've offered thus far.

You tell me:
What DO we know about this case?

Q: Do we know if any drugs were found?
A: Yes..trace amounts in an exterior trash can.

Q: Do we know if any charges were levied against the family of a woman SHOT THREE TIMES AND NOW DEAD?
A: Yes. Husband released on recognizance.

Q: Do we know why the house was raided?
A: No. The State has not deigned to share that with us....perhaps Cheryl was connected to 911 and it's classified?

Q: Do we know where the perp (victim?) was at the time of the "incident"?
A: Yes, in her bed, ASLEEP!

Q: Do we know what time it was?
A: Yes, it was Four Thirty in the Morning.

Q: Do we know what we value most on this Forum?
A: Yes, unswerving protection of self and family from unknown attackers, REASONABLY JUDGED to intend us serious harm.

Have I got any of the "known facts" wrong?
Would you like to add any additional facts to the discussion?
Are you willing to come to ANY conclusions on THOSE FACTS before awaiting "all the facts"?
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