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My contention has been that an article that gives only the family and trial lawyer's account of the incident is enough evidence for some to start with the cop bashing that seems so prevalent on these boards.
Here is my take on the cop bashing:

The enforcers need be more beholden to the law. Vis a vi, they must be more accountable than the citizen.

If I am to trust the LEO to protect me from evildoers, he must himself so distance himself from evildoers to leave himself above reproach.

When any officer of the law, aborts the faith with which he has been entrusted, he destroys the faith in the system, not himself. It is much larger than that with which he has been entrusted.
He has damaged faith in the system.

As, such, he is more accountable to the law, he must be above reproach. One who enforces the law at his discression, is no more than a despot.
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